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Gravitational waves in the cosmos.

Gravitational waves, they are nothing but a ripple in the space-time, which propagates as waves outwards from their source at the speed of light. It also transports "gravitational radiation" which is similar to the electromagnetic radiation present in earth.

Gravitational waves were first proposed by Henri Poincaré and later predicted by Albert Einstein. So you might be wondering what is this so called "Gravitational waves", they are ripples in space-time. A gravitational waves gets created whenever masses (bodies having mass) accelerates. Any and all body which has mass creates gravitational waves but to detect a gravitational waves, there must be the bodies with huge masses.
So what are the changes it makes for us you ask? Well there are two changes :-

For humans - For us humans, detection of gravitational waves now allows a better study of black holes.Cosmic change - Gravitational waves on cosmic level creates a huge change. It bends and stretches space time its…

Types of black holes.

There are a lot of mysteries which revolves around a black hole. Nobody has ever seen a black hole but we certainly know a thing or two about black holes. So following are the multiple types of Black Hole : -

1. Stellar black hole.

Stellar black hole or stellar mass black hole forms when a massive star dies. For a star to form a black hole, it has to be multiple times greater than "our" sun as our sun is way too small to form a black hole when it runs out of fuel. Generally a stellar black hole has about 3 to 10 solar masses. Most of the black holes found till now fall under the category of stellar mass black hole.
2. Supermassive black hole.
It is a rarely found black hole mostly located in the centre of the galaxies including our own. As of now, we don't know how a supermassive black hole forms. A supermassive black hole has its mass ranging from millions to billion solar masses. Although we don't know how a supermassive black hole comes into existence, scientists h…

Big Bang - The creator of this Universe?

Nowadays almost everyone is familiar with the word "BIG BANG" reason being The Big Bang Theory series, but only few know what big bang actually means. The word Big Bang literally means very big/huge blast which many(including myself) believe to be the cause of the creation of this universe.
Basically most of the people supporting the big bang theory believe this whole universe began from a single singularity and our universe came into existence as the singularity expanded. In simple terms, about 14 billion years ago Big Bang happens prior to this all the matters and spacial energy were the part of the singularity(whatever existed before the big bang) although everything we see in this cosmos wasn't in the singularity, big bang certainly became the foundation of the creations we see today.
Edwin Hubble was the first to come up with the idea of Big Bang. He observed that the universe is constantly expanding and the velocity of a galaxy is proportional to its distance. He a…

What happens inside a black hole.

Although the most likely scenario to happen when someone is inside a black hole is his/her death. But as black holes are not fully understood yet and still compromises o multiple mysteries. Thus following are some of the theories that provides possible ideas about what happens inside a block hole :-

1. The body of a person will be stretched like a spaghetti.

"Spaghettification" as the name suggests refers to the process of stretching of a body like due to high gravitational force until the body becomes like a spaghetti. Scientists have proposed that when a body enters the event horizon of a black hole, it gets stretched due to the tidal forces. Because of the huge gravitational pressure which is being applied on the body will result in ripping it apart into tiny pieces. Spaghettification also known as noodle effect is so brief that the body will vanish before it realises that it's being shaped like a spaghetti.

2. White Hole.

As white holes are the reverse of the black ho…

Interesting things which happens in the Cosmos.

Although we enjoy our life here on earth, there are pretty interesting and weird things that happens throughout the space. So, following is the list of some interesting things that takes place in the cosmos :-

1. Decrease in the force of attraction as the distance increase.

It is a very basic phenomena which was discovered by Newton as his "Law of universal gravitation". As per Newton's law of gravitation, the force of attraction(gravity) decreases as the distance between two gravitational bodies increases. This is a universal phenomena which can be seen throughout the space. As per Newton, all the objects attract each other through a certain force called as gravitational force. "fg=gm1m2/r2" is the equation which was discovered by newton as the law of universal gravitation.

2. Mass of the object increases with the increase in speed.

E = mc2 is the most famous equation made by Albert Einstein, this equation is a part of the famous "Theory of special Relativ…

Life of a star

Sun, a star which is the source of all the life forms on earth is a star, a star which have only half of its life left. So you might be wondering what happens when a star dies, thus following are the whole life cycle of a star :-

1. Nebula.
Nebula is basically a lump of dust which consisting hydrogen, helium and many other gases. It is a the first phase of a star or could be said as it's birth place as well. When a nebula collapses, all its gases and dusts combines to form another celestial body called as "Star".
2. Star.
This is the infancy period of a star. Star is sphere of plasma born from nebulae which contains gases like hydrogen and lithium. The temperature of a star varies from 2,000° C to  30,000° C. A star produces its own heat and light due to the continuous nuclear fusion. 
3. Red Giant.
As the time passes, the surface of a star becomes colder while it's size increases. Despite of having a cold surface, it shine many times brighter than its previous form. The t…

Mysteries of the Cosmos

1. Formation of galaxies.

The biggest mystery of this universe is its own formation. In other words, how the galaxies/universe or any of this is formed. Most of the scientists are sure that this whole universe came to the existence due to a big bang but still there are some other facts to deny this theory. So nobody is totally sure about how this universe came to be. Since the mystery about the existence of stars and planets was solved not too long ago, scientists are now looking at a bigger picture i.e, the mystery of the existence of galaxy.

2. White Holes.

Since the theory about the existence of black hole became right, scientists are now looking for the existence of white hole which was also proved by a theory alongside the black hole Theory. Totally opposite to black holes, white hole spits matter and energy instead of sucking it. As no one was able to find a white hole till this day, the existence of white holes is still a mystery.

3. UFOs.

UFO or Unidentified Flying Object are ju…

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